Best Newly Opened Restaurants in islamabad 2024

Top Newly Opened Restaurants in Islamabad 2024

Are you done visiting the same restaurants a hundred times and now looking for new eateries for fine dining? So, this blog is for you because, in today’s blog, we will tell you about the top newly opened restaurants in Islamabad to elevate your dining experience at the most attractive locations and of the best taste.

5 Top-Notch Restaurants That You Must Visit in 2024

Many restaurants open every year, and it is pretty hectic to decide where to visit first. But don’t worry; we will tell you about the 5 top and most hyped restaurants to visit. They are listed below.

  1. Nazarr- The Taste of Istanbul
  2. PiNaBu
  3. El Momento
  4. Kapacious Restaurants 
  5. Pristine Restaurant

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

Nazarr-The Taste of Istanbul

Secrets of turkish restaurants
Nazarr – The Taste of Istanbul

Nazarr is a newly opened Turkish restaurant in Islamabad that offers you the most memorable moments with bursts of flavors and fine dining. This newly opened restaurant has a vast menu, including pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and naans. You have vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options there. The most recommended meals are doner sandwiches, 

This lovely, cozy little Turkish restaurant in the basement portrays Turkey’s unique culture, making its ambiance very eye-catching and attractive. Because of Nazarr’s exceptional taste and food quality, it has become famous among foodies in Islamabad.

The restaurant takes user satisfaction very personally and ensures that its customers have a good time while having a meal there. One of the primary reasons for the restaurant’s hype is its massive quantity of meals with quality; all of the meals are freshly cooked with high-quality ingredients. So, next time, do visit this value-to-money restaurant.

Location:  I-8 Markaz, Islamabad



If you’re looking for a remarkable dining experience in Islamabad, Nouba is the place to be. This newly opened restaurant boasts an extensive menu that covers a wide variety of cuisines, including Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Thai. From imported steaks to sushi, lamb, seafood pasta, and pizza, you can find almost any dish you desire. The restaurant’s ambiance is equally impressive, with an attractive and soothing environment that makes you feel welcome.

So, whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, Nouba is the perfect destination for you. The restaurant’s exceptional services, delicious food, and serene ambiance make it the go-to place for foodies who crave an unforgettable dining experience. Visit Nouba today and indulge in a spectacular food journey that you will cherish forever!



PiNaBu is another newly opened fast-food restaurant in Islamabad. What sets the PiNaBu apart is its exceptional taste and quick, friendly service. The ambiance of the restaurant is very aesthetic that gains everyone’s attention. 

The eatery offers a wide variety of fast food items, including burgers, panini, sandwiches, pizza, and pasta. But, if you also crave desserts or sweets, the PiNaBu menu has a massive list of mouthwatering desserts, including Molten Lava Cake, Waffles, Ice cream, Toast, and many more to satisfy your tooth. 

Every food item has its unique signature taste and is cooked by professional chefs in an extremely hygienic environment. It is quite justified if we talk about the pricing or quantity of the food items because everyone can afford PiNaBu as it doesn’t break the bank. Plus, the amount of food is much more than the price of it. You can also avail of ongoing discounts and family deals. The restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery. You can place an order simply by calling them or through its website. It delivers in almost every sector of Islamabad.

Location : F11 Markaz, Islamabad

El Momento

El Momento

After raising the standard of Lahore’s taste, El Momento has opened its branch in Islamabad, following the same level of sophistication, calmness, and elegance. El Momento is one of the best dining places in Islamabad and has some of the best steaks.

The extremely polite and professional staff, the restaurant’s attention to detail, the warm ambiance, and the attentive service further elevated the dining experience. Not only is its cuisine top-notch, but the ambiance of El Momento restaurant is also delightful. The inviting atmosphere creates a warm and pleasant dining experience for patrons. 

You must try its Fire Mexican Steak, Roast Beef Panini, Molten Lava, Beef Burnt Steak, Prawn Chilli Dry, Mexican Chicken, Szechuan Chicken, Dynamite Prawns, Steamed Dumplings, Prawn Tempura, and California Roll. Moreover, its drinks are out of this world very well-balanced, have fresh flavors, and offer a wide range of food choices.

Location : Shop#06, Ground Floor, Beverly Centre, F 6/1 F-6, Islamabad

Kapacious Restaurants 


F-9 Park Islamabad wasn’t just a park; it has had many exciting events for everyone occasionally. But now you can appreciate the stunning views and soothing surroundings of Fatima Jinnah Park anytime by having a scrumptious meal at the newly opened eatery Kapacious. This new restaurant has a massive dining space indoors and outdoors on the rooftop. The restaurant’s ambiance is eye-catching and a good place for an Instagram post.

Kapacious is like culinary heaven as it has a considerable variety of Pakistani, Chinese,  and Continental cuisine options. The massive menu caters to everyone’s taste by offering exceptional taste and food options. In Continental, you can have chicken breast with mushroom sauce, fish and chips, spaghetti bolognese, and lasagna. If you prefer desi or traditional food, you can order chicken biryani, mutton karahi, fish masala, and haleem. Moreover, suppose you have shifted to Chinese taste or are a Chinese lover. In that case, many food options are available for you, including chicken chow mein, beef fried rice, vegetable manchurian, and sweet and sour chicken. 

It is the perfect spot to enjoy your meals and celebrate small events or occasions with your loved ones while having the stunning scenic views of F-9 Park.

Location F9 Park 

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Pristine Restaurant 

Pristine Restaurant 
Pristine Restaurant 

Pristine Restaurant is a newly opened eatery on Margalla Hills and a great place to hang out with families with contemporary rewards of beautiful views of sunset and landscapes. The Restaurant provides a great selection of affordable, delectable cuisines. 

It is the perfect spot to witness an aerial View of the Twin Cities. Moreover, you can camp there with friends and enjoy a peaceful full moon. The location is usually not crowded, so one can attain the serene environment they wish for. So, overall, it is the best place to hang out with friends & family and have mouthwatering cuisine.

Location : Shah Allah Ditta Shah Allah Dita, Islamabad