Uncovering Islamabad's Must-Try Tourist Restaurants

Uncovering Islamabad’s Must-Try Tourist Restaurants

Uncovering Islamabad’s Must-Try Tourist Restaurants

Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city, uniquely blends tradition and modernity. It is home to a plethora of hidden gems when it comes to restaurants that cater to every palate. From traditional Pakistani cuisine to international flavors, this city has it all. If you are planning a trip to Islamabad and looking for the best place to eat, then this blog is for you. However, finding the best restaurants in a new city is not an easy task, but don’t worry, this blog will gonna solve all your problems. We will uncover Islamabad’s must-try tourist restaurants that will leave you craving more. Whether you’re a food lover or simply looking to explore the local culture through its cuisine, these restaurants offer a unique dining experience showcasing Islamabad’s essence. So, sit back and prepare to experience the city’s gastronomic delights.

5 Restaurants in Islamabad That Should Be On Every Tourist’s Must-Visit List

Nazarr – The Taste of Istanbul

Nazarr Logo

Nazarr – The Taste of Istanbul is one of the best restaurants in I8 Markaz, Islamabad, and is a must-try destination for locals and tourists seeking an authentic Turkish dining experience. The restaurant offers a delightful journey into the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine. With its warm and inviting ambiance, Nazarr creates an atmosphere that transports visitors to the vibrant streets of Istanbul. You are greeted with friendly staff and a menu showcasing the best Turkish culinary traditions when you step in.

The restaurant’s extensive menu features not only mouthwatering Turkish dishes but also fast food such as Pizza, burgers, etc. Each dish is prepared with care and attention to detail, ensuring a burst of flavors with every bite. 

Nazarr’s commitment to using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques sets it apart. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the taste of Istanbul, Nazarr restaurant is a must-visit destination.

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PiNaBu is renowned as the best fast food restaurant in F11 Markaz. The restaurant offers a delectable fusion of flavors, combining the best of pizza, naan, and burgers. With its prime location in F11 Markaz, PiNaBu attracts both locals and tourists alike. The restaurant prides itself on serving delicious food with excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for delicious pizza, a flavorful naan, or a juicy burger, PiNaBu has got you covered.

Not only does PiNaBu offer scrumptious food, but it also provides a vibrant and inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy. So, if you’re in Islamabad and looking for a memorable dining experience, add PiNaBu in F11 Markaz to your list of must-visit restaurants. 

El Momento

Located in the Beverly Centre in Islamabad, El Momento restaurant is a must-try dining destination for tourists and locals alike. With its reputation as the best steakhouse in Islamabad, El Momento offers a delectable selection of steaks and other dishes to satisfy carnivorous cravings.

The restaurant’s sleek ambiance creates an inviting atmosphere for diners, providing an ever-momentous experience. Whether you’re seeking a juicy steak or craving Chinese cuisine, El Momento has something for everyone. Their menu also features platters and an array of discount deals, ensuring that there is always an option to suit your taste buds and budget.

Not only does El Momento impress with its culinary offerings, but it also boasts excellent customer service and a prime location in the heart of Islamabad. So, if you’re looking for a memorable dining experience in the city, be sure to visit El Momento in the Beverly Centre and indulge in their mouth-watering dishes.



Cheezious restaurant in Islamabad is a must-try destination for both locals and tourists alike. With its humble beginnings in 2012, Cheezious offers a wide range of mouthwatering options and is committed to providing quality and delectable food at affordable rates. Their menu boasts an array of cheesy delights, including their famous pizza and classic roll platters, that will satisfy any craving. From the first bite, customers are greeted with flavors tantalizing their taste buds and leaving them craving more.

Not only does Cheezious prioritize the quality of its food, but it also provides exceptional customer service. With prompt delivery and a user-friendly app, they ensure a seamless dining experience.

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Monal Islamabad

Monal Islamabad
Monal Islamabad

Monal Islamabad is a must-try restaurant for tourists visiting the capital city of Pakistan. Situated in the serene Margalla hills, Monal offers a captivating dining experience with its blend of traditional and contemporary cuisine. With its extensive view of the capital, both indoor and outdoor seating options allow guests to enjoy breathtaking vistas while savoring their meals.

Whether you’re seeking a hearty breakfast, a delectable dinner, or a delightful brunch buffet, Monal has something to offer for every palate. From their ala carte menu to their weekend brunch buffet, the restaurant ensures a wide range of options to satisfy diverse tastes.

With its picturesque location, impeccable service, and mouthwatering cuisine, Monal Islamabad truly stands out as a must-visit restaurant for tourists looking to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of Pakistan’s capital city.