Hidden restaurants in islamabad

Top Hidden Restaurants in Islamabad

Top Hidden Restaurants in Islamabad

Finding good food with a good ambiance is no more than a blessing. Islamabad is known for its peaceful environment, mouthwatering food taste, and great ambiance of food restaurants. In short, Islamabad is a paradise for food lovers who love enjoying food in picturesque settings. So, gear up; in today’s blog, we will help you explore 7 top hidden restaurants in Islamabad that offer unmatched features and exceptional taste.

7 Best Top Restaurants in Islamabad

Below, we have discussed the 7 top restaurants in Islamabad for you.


Due to a wide range of food options and health concerns, Pakistanis, particularly Islamabadian people, are changing their diets and tastes. For those looking for outstanding flavor without going over their daily junk intake, Nazarr is the ideal place to go. Nazarr offers a wide selection of delectable Turkish meals and fast food. 

You can have Kebabs, desserts, pizzas, burgers, and many more. Furthermore, Nazarr provides a range of affordable offers for single people or families. The cherry on top is that you can order through our recently launched mobile app with an additional 15% discount.

Location: I – 8 Markaz

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El Momento

Traditional barbeques, fried chicken, and overcooked meat are all old. El Momento brought the ideal combination of flavor, tenderness, and juiciness in a piece of high-quality, delicious Steak to Islamabad’s meat enthusiasts.  There are many restaurants in beverly center islamabad

But El Momento has already gained popularity among several celebrities and is the first choice of many others.

This prime venue boasts an exceptional ambiance and a tranquil environment perfect for enjoying your dinner and spending quality time. The cost of a steak varies according to its amount, flavor, and quality. These steaks come with your choice of sauce, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and drinks.

Location; Beverly Centre, Jinnah Avenue, F-6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad


Pinabu is a crispy, crunchy, cheesy, flavor-packed fast food destination you’ve been thirsting for since forever. So congratulations, you found it. Pinabu is well-known for its delicious flavor and crunchiness. 

You’ve come to the correct location if you enjoy juicy burgers, crispy zingers, delectable cheese naans, and pizza. Pinabu is unparalleled when it comes to quality, quantity, flavor, and pricing.Furthermore, they deliver practically almost every part o f Islamabad in under 45 minutes. So, say goodbye to ordinary meal craves and fill your tummy with the most yummy fast food.

Location: F 11 Markaz, Islamabad

Pristine Restaurant 

Pristine Restaurant is your go-to destination for hanging out with family and friends and having a scrumptious meal. It is a recently opened eatery at Shah Allah Ditta Caves, one of Islamabad’s tourist attractions.

Food enthusiasts will find gastronomic paradise at the recently opened Pristine Restaurant in Shah Allah Ditta Caves. It offers a range of dishes, including Italian, Chinese, Desi, Thai, fast food, and sea delicacies in a tranquil environment with beautiful views.

Location: Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Des Pardes 

Des Pardes is one of most renowned desi restaurants in Islamabad, nestled on the lap of scenic Margalla hills at Said Pur Village. 

The dining venue is well-known for its enticing setting and an enormous selection of desi food. Des Pardes’ ambiance and surroundings, which include several artworks, flags, and traditional buildings, reflect Pakistan’s rich cultural diversity.     

Location: Saidpur Village, Islamabad


What if you can simultaneously eat, enjoy, explore, celebrate, and have fun? Yes, Kapacious Restaurant fulfills your desires with its amazing ambiance and seating arrangement. 

It is also one of the newest cafés at the biggest F9 park in Islamabad, where you may eat, socialize, or celebrate little occasions with loved ones.

Location: F9 Park, Islamabad

Cave Dinner

If you are bored with your 9 to 5 routine and the same regular lunch, then I have the best suggestion for you. Caver Dinner is the most underrated and unpopular Restaurant in the most commercial site, Blue Area Islamabad.

It may be a great setting for a satisfying lunch and an excellent location for Instagram shots because of its unique interior design. However, you may also visit with your family and enjoy a range of culinary treats. It features a steakhouse, a bar, and other lounges with various cuisines, including Italian and Arabian food. The fundamental idea of the restaurant is to transport you to the Stone Age and give you the impression that you are eating lunch in caverns with ancient artwork on the walls.

location: Blue Area, Islamabad


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