Ramzan Deals Nazarr

Best Ramadan deals at Nazarr I 8 Markaz

As the holy month of Ramadan begins the excitement of wonderful Iftar and Sehri experiences as well as the energy of generosity are evident in the air. In I-8 Markaz, discerning patrons seeking the finest culinary journeys during this auspicious time need look no further than Nazarr. Renowned for its commitment to food excellence and hospitality, Nazar sets the stage for an unforgettable iftar with its enticing array of the best Ramadan deals in I-8 Markaz.

Nazarr’s Ramadan deals are a celebration of flavors, unity, and cherished traditions. From mouthwatering appetizers to sumptuous main courses and heavenly desserts, each dish is thoughtfully curated to honor the essence of Ramadan. Whether you’re savoring the iftar delights with family, friends, or colleagues, Nazarr’s ambiance and service elevate the dining experience to a level of unparalleled warmth and joy.

The restaurant’s dedication to culinary innovation and the art of hospitality ensures that every iftar gathering at Nazarr is not only a feast for the senses but also a heartfelt celebration of togetherness. As a beacon of culinary excellence in I-8 Markaz, Nazarr’s Ramadan deals promise to enrich the spirit of Ramadan and create lasting memories with every delectable bite.

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Unwrap the Delicious Ramadan Offerings at Nazarr

Sehri Platter for 1 Person

  1.  Lahori Channay
  2.  Aaloo Bhujia
  3.  Egg (Half Fry, Full Fry, Pakistani Omelette, Cheese Omelette, Mushroom Omelette)
  4.  Hummus
  5.  Olives
  6.  Pita Bread 2 Slices
  7.  Parathay 2
  8.  Halwa
  9.  Tea / Lassi (Sweet Or Saltish)

Selling Price: Rs 1599

Iftar Platter for 2 Person

1.   Three Beans Salad

2.   2 Samosas

3.   2 Rolls

4.   Mint Sauce

5.   Dates

6.   Limoo Pani / Rooh Afza

(Main Course For 2)

1.   Doner / Durum (Option Of Chicken Or Beef)

2.   Small Pizza (Any Flavor From The Menu)

3.   French Fries

4.   Hummus

5.   Turkish Salad

6.   Pita Bread 2 Slice

7.   Garlic Sauce

8.   Spicy Sauce

9.   Kunefe

Selling Price: Rs.3999/-


In conclusion, the best Ramadan deals at Nazarr I 8 Markaz present an enticing opportunity to elevate your Ramadan experience with exclusive sehri and iftar offerings. From pre-dawn nourishment to breaking the fast in the evening, Nazarr I 8 Markaz’s dual deals cater to every aspect of Ramadan observance. Whether it’s savoring a hearty sehri meal or indulging in a delectable iftar spread, these deals encapsulate the essence of togetherness, generosity, and culinary delight. Embrace the spirit of the holy month by partaking in these exceptional offers, and let Nazarr I 8 Markaz be your destination for memorable Ramadan moments and satisfying savings.

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