Best Fast Food Restaurants in I 8 Markaz Islamabad2

Best Fast Food Restaurants in I 8 Markaz Islamabad

Islamabad is surely famous for its natural beauty, but a true foodie also knows that Islamabad is the heaven of fast food restaurants. In today’s blog, we will tell you the Best Fast Food Restaurants in I-8 Markaz Islamabad to must try. 

There are almost every famous restaurant in the I-8 Markaz with a large number of visitors each day. So, if you are on a trip to Islamabad, live in Islamabad, or reside near I8 Markaz, this blog is for you, and it will help you to find your desired fast food restaurant according to your taste and budget.

Worth Visiting And Most Recommended Fast Food Eateries In I8 Islamabad

Give a read below to discuss fast food restaurants to decide your next restaurant to visit in I-8 Markaz. So, let’s begin.


Nazarr Logo
Nazarr – The Taste of Istanbul

Nazarr is a one-of-a-kind Turkish restaurant located at I-8 Markaz Islamabad. The restaurant is a nice, cozy eatery with an appealing ambiance as it portrays the Turkish interior with magnificent sceneries. 

What makes Nazarr unique and truly a gem is its signature taste, which has the essence of mouthwatering flavors. Nazarr shares a huge menu with a variety of fast food and also offers super affordable deals for one and families. In addition, the restaurants offer a 10% discount on their entire menu during their happy hours, i.e., 12 pm to 6 pm daily. If you’re in Islamabad craving authentic Turkish cuisine, Nazar is the place to be!

For the convenience of their valuable customers, Nazarr has now launched its official mobile app, which is available on the App Store and Play Store. To fight your hungry beast,  Nazarr’s special Turkish Pizza, Burgers, Adana Durum, Turkish lahmacun, and Kunefe are everything.

Cheezious I-8


Cheezious has become so popular in no time and serves the best pizza in the Twin Cities. The Cheezious menu includes  pizzas,rolls, different varieties of fries, pasta and newly launched zinger. Due to its exceptional taste, cheese lovers prefer it so much, especially the families and students.

It has a big dining area, but because of the large crowd, the place can be a little noisy, especially during rush hour. Their Crown Crust Pizza and Behari Rolls are a must-try. The restaurant also provides unlimited soft drink refills. The prices of the entire menu are affordable and value for money. If you want to dive into the cheezy world, then Cheezious is your spot.

Cafe D’ Grill

Cafe D' Grill
Cafe D’ Grill

Cafe D’Grill is a newly opened eatery in I-8 Markaz. It has a small indoor but aesthetically pleasing dining area, inviting you to stay longer. The outside sitting area is vibe and nicely decorated, making it a great spot to enjoy a meal on a nice day.

They offer many dishes, from tender steaks and juicy burgers to pizza and pasta. Their most recommended cuisines are Buffalo Wings, Lemonade and Mint Margarita, Parmesan Chicken Pasta, and Parmesan Pasta. Furthermore, their daily deals are very budget-friendly and amazing. Do try this place you will not regret.

Hot And Spicy

Hot And Spicy
Hot n Spicy

Hot and spicy, the name itself explains the flavorfulness of its cuisine. It is a renowned fast food restaurant in the Twin Cities and has multiple branches in different places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but the I-8  branch has the best taste. 

Their most recommended meals are Paratha Roll, Boom Boom Spicy Roll, Chicken Roll Paratha, Malai Boti Paratha Roll, Biryani, and Barbecue. However, the Boom Boom Paratha Roll taste takes you to another dimension. Dessert lovers should try their Chocolate Lava Cake because It is super delicious. It is a great place to enjoy fast food and chat with friends.

AM PM Cafe I-8

AM PM Cafe I-8
AM PM Cafe I-8

AM PM Cafe is one of the best restaurants in I-8 and has a great ambiance. It is a nice sit-in place in the I-8 sector, which probably has no other alternative. This eatery’s most recommended meal is Chicken Strips, Loaded Fries and Special Burgers.

The cafe has a huge outdoor sitting area decorated with soothing ambiance lighting to provide a cozy environment for customers. It is the perfect spot for hanging out, meeting, getting together, having quality time in a peaceful setting, and jamming with friends. AM PM Cafe is a bit expensive compared to other cafes but worth visiting. Moreover, it offers dine-in and drive-through both. So, make your tea plans with friends and visit AM PM Cafe today.